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A Man Who Remembers

Picture: To Tom -- Robert Ballard

“Tom, I am flattered! I appreciate

your poetic tribute.”

–Dr. Robert D. Ballard


Dr. Robert Ballard likes to explore

he is always on the ocean floor.

From the deeps of the Atlantic

to the shallows of the Pacific.

Although he doesn’t discover things fast

he has great respect for the past.

When he makes an important discovery

he pushes for no artifact recovery.

In school many things he adored

in the Navy he never made commodore.

He discovered the battleship Bismarck

and found the Titanic’s last mark.

To explore a deep ocean ravine

people use his deep water submarine.

To find the resting place for the Titanic

people use his map of the Atlantic.

To many organizations he is a member

he pieced together the “Night to Remember.”

Dr. Ballard is as kind as can be

to the world with his love for the sea.


For more information on Dr. Ballard please visit: The Jason Project

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