Jun 23 2002

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Ok OK. I know it’s

Ok OK. I know it’s been way to long since the last post. I have been soooooo busy with things. First off, my grandpa had surgery over the weekend at the Mayo Clinic so I have been busy with tracking all that so family comes first in my mind. Friday night my dad and I went to the Mall of America for dinner and he got me an awsome Fossil watch for my birthday. (Thanks Mum and Dad!) Later that night I went over to a friends and watched Black Hawk Down. Great movie!

Saturday turned out nice. Morning swim lessons were canceled which ment I could sleep in till noon almost beofre I hit the beach. It was a hot one yesterday too! I think at one point I counted 45 people on the beech and another 20 in the water. It was a zoo for a small beach. Came home and literally crashed after being in the sun all day. Today, Sunday, James and I went back to Mall of America where I met the A*Teens. Now dont start e-mailing me telling me the A*Teens suck. I love ABBA and the A*Teens actually have talent beyond the ABBA remakes they did. So I got to meet thema nd get my CDs and DVD signed. So I’m happy. I’m gearing up for my birthday on Tuesday. 20 years old! wow I feel old now :o)

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