Jun 08 2002

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Ok so today has been

Ok so today has been one exciting thing after another. It all began at 8 am this morning at MME Pool for the annual staff meeting till 12 noon. Swimming, rescue skills, backboarding, escapes, diving bricks, missing simmers, and more swimming. I think this is the first year that I made it thorugh the entire meeting with out feeling sick from all the work.

After the meeting I ended up sitting at Robinson’s Bay Beach till 6. Over all it was a great day for an opening day. Only one 911 call and that was for a boat of high school students that felt it a need to buzz the beach and clip the bouy line. Well they have a nice ticket now :o)

After guarding I went off to the FIRST Robitics team party and visited with some of the students on the team I helped with back in April at EPCOT (See Blog Archives from April for more info)

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