Jul 12 2002

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Today, I was up in

Today, I was up in Bandera County and the city of Bandera where we opened up a Service Center to process any needs for the clients. We give them immediate needs such as groceries, clothing, tools, medications and any other immediate need. We also work on starting the long-term recovery process. While in Bandera I was able to see first hand what the flood as done to these people. Although very small in comparison to other counties it was still a very moving experience. As of tonight we are starting to evacuate Corpus Cristi as the floods are moving down the rivers towards that community. We also have a possible tropical storm brewing in the gulf to make things even more interesting. Weather is still hot and humid. Reminds me a lot of Florida. Logistics is being very good about making sure we always have water and snacks available for us to stay refreshed.

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