Aug 05 2002

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Ok so some might call

Ok so some might call me a little nuts but I went to the A*Teens concert last night at the Orphium here in Minneapolis. It was a blast! Sure the other groups kinds sucked but the A*teens were worth it! They did a mixture of the old Abbageneration stuff as well as their new rocking song Floorfiller. At the end of the concert my friends and I snuck out the exit to the sage door thanks to a lovely helper from the orphium and were going to wait to see the A*teens come out. Well some record company dude was there with his daughter and took us backstage where we go to meet the A*teens and chill with them for like 20 minutes! It rocked! Check out this picture of my friend Stephanie and myself with the A*teens. A*Teens you rock!

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