Sep 29 2002

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Well last week went by

Well last week went by and I was swamped with homework and reading so that explainsthe lack of BLOG updates. This weekend hasn’t really been much to talk about either. Went to a party on Friday night and last night Laura, Kris, Cristin and I went to the Garden in downtown St. Pete for dinner and to hear the jazz band playing. That was entertaining and enjoyable. Once back on campus, there was nothing going on so I just curled up and watched Harry Potter on ECTV before headign to bed. this morning I pretty much got up and went to Publix to get some groceries and then have just been working on school work ever since.

Now for my thigns to watch for, T-Mobile on Tuesday will reslease it’s new Sidekick and several new data plans. It’s worth checking out since they arethe best GSM/GPRS network out there. Sorry AT&T but your coverage sucks!

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