Oct 19 2002

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Ok well today I went

Ok well today I went up to international plaza with my friend Donald. He had to pick up some stuff for his mom and I tagged along. Went out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen which was a treat. Tonight is some more homecoming activites and Donald is coming back over to chill with us here and enjoy them.

Also new today is I have my T68i configured for MMS or Multimedia Message Service. It’s funny that T-Mobile claims to not have it out yet but if you call the right people there, they will give you all the settings for it 🙂 It’s cool to be able to take pictures and send them from teh phone along with sending flash messages to friends. This is going to be big in the US in the near future I hope. Also starting to notice the European flavor in the T-Mobile brand and ads the moreI see them. I think it’s cool.

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