Jan 07 2003

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Ok this morning we got

Ok this morning we got a chance to sleep in a bit (10 am meeting instead of 9). We then hop’ed on the tube and shot over to the museum of london over near the barbican and st. paul’s. We had been there last year so it was a little boring for me but I was still able to pick up some new information about the romans in london. WE went to a nice little pub near Gower Street called the Rising Sun for lunch. It was a great little place to eat and very reasonable in price.

The weather is cold to say the least. Most Brits are saying it is unusually cold for this time of year. Temp is coming in at around 30 degrees. A few of us int hehouse already have some colds, myself included. Seems common in london though. This afternoon after we all got back from the museum, I was able to book my travel plans for our 3 day weekend later this month. I am off to stockholm, Sweeden. I loved it so much the summer of 2000 that I wanted to take the option to go back for more. Others are talking of going to ireland, scotland and france. Definately a mixed group.

Well I’m off for now. Time for dinner and then bed time. I’ve got my heater on high just trtying to keep the room warm for when I get back.
London, England

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