Jan 21 2003

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Today was a fun one

Today was a fun one for our class. We went around town to several small galleries similar to Duncan’s back in Minneapolis. For those non-family members on the list, Duncan is my Mom’s cousin who is an artist. The work in these galleries was more Post-Modern instead of the Modern and earlier works we were focusing on. I really enjoyed these a lot. While I was at the gallaries, Mom, Dad and Paul had a private tour of Big Ben and were there at noon when it struck and they heard the bells up close and personal! Dad said it was fun. Back to our group though, Silvia, the cook and housekeeper at our house cooked us a fabulous meal for dinner. Lasaugna, FLan, Ice Cream, Sald, Wine, and garlic bread. It was so nice to have a cooked meal instead of the pub food. After dinner, Mom, Dad and I went to see Mamma Mia!. This was their first tiem seeing it and my forth. Still as good as the first time. Our seats were in the second row so it felt liekthe singers were singing to us. Tommorow Mom and Dad are going to York with Paul and we are going to more museums as a class. Time is ticking down. Wish I could go back to Stockholm for longer. They don’s have the rain we have here!
London, England

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