Jan 15 2003

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Today was a long morning

Today was a long morning at the British Museum. We purposly allowed for 4 hours at the museum due to the extreme amount stuff in the museum. Did you know that the entire insides to the parthanon in Greece are here in London? How about the Roseta Stone? It’s all right here with in 2 blocks from our house. This is both amazing and disturbingthat it is all here. Disturbing in that it was all just taken. Then we had a nice afternoon off in which I had a chance to post the pictures I mailed about earlier and relax. Tonight was our group theater night and we went to see a play/comedy called what the night is for staring GIllian ANderson, scully, from the X-Files. It was allright but her fake accent got to most of us along with the sappy music. We have 1 gallery tommorow and the Royal Acadamy of Arts tommorow as well and then I’m off to Sweden till Sunday. WEll that’s the update for today.
London, England

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