Jan 14 2003

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Today was a long one

Today was a long one despite only being one stop. We took the train to Canterbury this morning. What was thought to be a short 45 minute ride became two and a half hours. This thing stoped every five feet it seemed. Once we finally got to Canterbury, we had lunch at a nice old pub. For those that have been before and have taken a picture looking up the stream to the west of the cathedral and seen the ASK sign, the pub is just next to that. After lunch, we went to the cathedral. Same thing as last year. I am still amazed that this thing still looks as great as it does having been untouched in terms of repairs since the 1500s. Pretty neat. Over all we spent 3 hours there and then got back on the what we thought to be express train back to London. Three hours later, we made it back to London and the house for dinner. The school ordered us pizza but since we thought the train was fast this time it turned out to be cold by the time we got it but it was still good. Royal Opera House Tour tommorrow along with a play and another museum. Can’t remember the names for them right now. Give you an update again tommorow night.
London, England

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