Jan 22 2003

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Today was an interesting one.

Today was an interesting one. Firefighters 24 hour strike was over so we could use the underground station near our house. We went north to look at the Estoric Collection showing modern italian art and then went south again to the Victoria and Albert and Natural History Museums. More museums to look at. Most of us are museumed out. I really enjoyed the nature photography at the Natural History Musuem. They had a cool exhibit on called Earth From Above. It was just amazing looking at pictures of the earth and nature like Mt. Everest. One final day of class left. Tomorrow is a free day and we can do what we want. I know a group of us might go see Rent tomorrow night but it’s all still up in the air. Mom and Dad come back on Friday and then we leave on Sunday for Minnesota again. Hard to beleive it’s almost over.
London, England

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