Jan 10 2003

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Today was the day from

Today was the day from hell to say it lightly. We went to 3 museums all across town today. Day started off at 0930 with class and then we ventured off in the nice London rain (at least it warmed up so it wasn’t snow!) to the Tower of London. We spent 2 hours walking around the tower until 1230 when we departed and ventured our way across the blustery and slipery Tower Bridge to the Design Museum focusing on industrial design. Some pretty cool stuff with a whole floor dedicated to aluminium. Then promptly at 1430 (that’s 2:30pm for non europeans) we ventured yet again our in to the rain and wind mix to the Tea and Coffee Museumthat our International Ed director said was great. Well from all of us including our teachers, save your 4 pounds.this thing was pointless and made most of us even more cranky due to the extra walking involved. Aside from the long walking, There were definately some interesting things. Thanks for all those that have e-mailed. it’s nice to hear from home. I’m kicking this nasty cold as well thanks to the wonders of british meds. Catch you all later. No clue what we are doing this weekend. its a free weekend and I know most of us are sleeping in a little tommorrow.
London, England

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