Jan 20 2003

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Well this morning I didn’t

Well this morning I didn’t go with my class to the glass blowing but instead joined my parents and their friend Paul for a tour of parliment. Parliment was cool to see. Much cooler than the US Senate I think. YOu can really see where history took place here in England. And the other cool part is you can go right
up close where in the US Capital, you are way far away. I got to touch the box Tony Blair speaks from. Afternoon event for class was cancelled but I joined up with a few of my friends and walked around. Stoped in at Starbucks to use the T-Mobile HotSpot to post some more pictures to the web. New pictures are mostly from Stockholm this past weekend including the Ice Bar! See below for the address. Tommorow we are going to 4-6 gallaries depending on time. The focus is now on contemporary art. Back to FL in a week from Tomorrow and MN on Sunday. Kind of a strange thought.

Pictures can be found at http://homepage.mac.com/twebster
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London, England

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