Jan 24 2003

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Well this morning the whole

Well this morning the whole class left. By 11:00 I was the only one left in the house. Around 12:00 I moved downt he block to my parent’s hotel. I gave my Mom and tour of the Eckerd House and then Professor Lezcano, the spring professor joined us for our afternoon. We went to the Cabinate War Rooms and then around Trafalger’s Square and Covent Garden before returning to the hotel. This evening we went to Umoja, a musical experience around African Music. It was very energetic and colorful. Tomorrow I think we are going to a palace, Kensignton probably, Harrod’s and then possibly Rent. Mom and dad had a nice trip to York despite the cold. Hard to think, only 1 more day. Looks like we will be home on Sunday just in time to catch some of the Super Bowl with the Bucs in it. Go Bucs! Well Time for bed. Catch you all later.
London, England

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