Jan 12 2003

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Well this weekend was a

Well this weekend was a nice relaxing one. Yesterday most of us just slept in and tookit easy. I left the house in search of a T-Mobile HotSpot so I could get some work done on my iBook and then walked around Covent Garden when I was done. AS for today, we took the day to go visit Portobello Road and Market. Just like the Flea Market in Nisswa! FOund some interesting things and managed to pick up Harry Potter 2 and Lord of the Rings 2 on DVD. Yea they are sorta cheep copies from amovie theater but they were cheep and it will hold ya over till the real ones come out.

After the market, we hiked back over to Leciester Square for lunch and then walked again around Covent Garden. Spent the rest of the day till now watching movies and updating our journals. Tommorrow we go to St. Paul’s Cathedral in the morning and Tate Modern in the Afternoon. Not as much as Friday but I’m sure we will still be tierd. Well that’s it for today.
London, England

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