Jan 13 2003

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Well today was as filled

Well today was as filled as anyohter on the trip. Class started officially at 10:30 this morning with a guided tour of St. Paul’s Cathedral. I actually learned some interesting things that I didn’t pick up on the self guided one last year. Did you know that they have a chapel dedicated just for American’s? It is part of the British Memorial to American Piolets that died in WWII flying from Britan. They even have all 50 states’ seals on the staind glass windows aroud it. Pretty cool. Due to time constraints though, we didn’t get to climb to the top. May be I will go back but I did it last year so the 536 stairs can wait.

Next on the itinerary for today was the Tate Modern. This museum is HUGE! It is like 6 floors tall and has so much stuff in it. Not being super in to the art, I managed to find some pretty cool things I liked in it. One that stands out the most in my mind is a room with a garden shed that was blowen up and video taped. The artist then watched the tape and picked a moment to recontruct in the museum. This looks just amazing. Some people were so intersted int eh museum that they missed the 17:30 class schedule at the house so we pushed that back to tommorrow.

Tommorrow we are going to Canterbury by train and will be there for lunch and a tour and then it’s back to the house for a group dinner (Pizza Hut) and class. Counting down the days till Stockholm on Friday. I can’t wait. Finally, a change in scenes. Mum and Dad are going to be here when I come back o0n Sunday so that will be fun as well. Time to head off.
London, England

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