Apr 08 2003

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Well today was another crazy

Well today was another crazy day of classes and work. I some how managed to sleep through my 08:00 class this morning which sorta sucked. In better news, I passed my writing portfolio which is a major releif! I should go celebrate but it is the middle of the week and too much work to do otherwise.

Tonight after all my homework, my RA, Corey, hosted a little get together to watch the Women’s NCAA Final Four between UConn and Tennesee. It was an amazing game to watch even from someone who doesn’t really get in to sports. Close till the very end but UConn stayed in the lead the entire game. UConn won with an amazing team. Diana Taurasi of UConn was simply amazing scoring 28 of the total 73 points during the game. Congrats UConn and to all my friends from CT. Blood drive and health fair tomorrow. make sure you stop by to give the gift of life and win a prize!

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