Jul 02 2003

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Venting Post

Today’s post is going to be more rant like than past ones due to how I feel today. Yesterday was long. The morning started off at the beach as usual until a mom reported a child missing. I activated our EAP and 911 was activated with in 20 seconds. Child shows up so I cancel 911 and go back to guarding only to be yelled at by another mom for not listening to her suggestions to change the way our EAP is in the middile of looking for the kid. Argh! Some parents just anoy me. After that, the day was for the most part uneventful with a few cuts and scrapes here and there.

So after the beach, I headed over to the Ridgedal YMCA to work till close. Talk about a long day by the time I got home but, the pay is worth it. In good news today, Gary at T-Mobile customer care called me back to tell me that I would be getting a credit back for the returned phone I sent back in may that just got there last week. Talk about a long journey! As promised yesterday, Webby’s Favorites was updated with some of my more recent items. Check it out!

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