Sep 02 2003

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A New Toy

Well, yesterday i ran up to the International Plaza Apple Store to drop off my application with the new manager there. I’m hoping to hear back soon for an interview as I am getting sick of lifeguarding. I also used some of the money I had set aside before coming down to purchase a new iPod. I love this thing sooooooooooo much! Let’s just say tat I have already drained the battery twice since last night.

Today I was in and out of Omega as I was gong over to the YMCA to get my hours and then got my books and new ID taken. Also got around to say hi to a few other people that I haven’t seen since spring. The O.C. is on tonight so I can’t wait. The WebbyCam is also on more this time now that I am at school. Check it out. Peace.

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