Sep 25 2003

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It’s the Weekend! Well Sorta

Well, I am done with classes for the third week since school started. I am lucky that I don’t have classes on Fridays but, I will be busy with work. Fridays, I work from 10-2 and then from 6-9 at the YMCA. It’s money but it is a long day I guess. I’m debating if I want to go to Disney with some friends on saturday and take the day off from work but then like I said earlier, it’s money. I almost fell asleep in class tonight since I have just been running in empty for this week and I managed to get 2 Starbucks Frapicinos over the break so now I am just wired. Waiting for ER to come on now and then i’ll catch MASH before bed. Feel free to use the SMS to send me a message. It’s always nice to get something on the phone to lighten up the day. bye for now.

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