Oct 26 2003

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Midterm Time

Well, I have just been swamped over the last week or so. I have one major midterm exam tomorrow night for Elements of Film. It’s on 12 or so films plus 4 chapters in a text book and then class notes. It’s going to be a fun one I’m sure. I’ve been studying all day today and yesterday evening after I got off of work. Yesterday I had to sit through two required trainings at work (Core Values 101 and Member Involvement) and then had to run a lifeguard challenge. Next week I wont be working at the YMCA on saturdays anymore as I am starting a lifeguard training class here at Eckerd so I will see my very little open time dwindle again for two weekends. Well, I am off to get a good night sleep for my test tomorrow and so I can get up early to get to my internship by 07:00a. Catch you around later this week.

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