Nov 02 2003

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Well, a lot has been going on since I last posted. This weekend, I have spent most of my time teaching Lifeguard Training here at Eckerd College. I have a class of seven which is a good number to work with. Friday, Halloween, I worked all day at the yMCA before coming home to just crash after being tiered and then last night, I was up till 3 hanging out with friends enjoying the evening and watching movies.

This afternoon after the CPR portion of the Lifeguard training class, I watched the required movies for film class, Discreet Charm of the Bougeousie and Charulatta, both films being in foreign languages with subtitles. To top it off for the weekend, my friend Andrew and I went to see the new Disney movie, Brother Bear. This is a must see no matter what age you are. I would have to say that one can see a lot of themselves in the film no matter what race, age, sex, etc.Go see it if you get a chance. Well, I am off to bed for my internship in the morning.

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