Jan 15 2004

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Busy day

My morning started off on a long note. First, I had to wait as two busses showed up at the bus stop but were full to the max causing those of us waiting in the windy cold to wait for another bus. 20 minutes later, I finally made it on a bus and off to Canning Town Underground station. I was not out of the woods yet! I arrived to the platform but the first train was full to the brim just like the bus! Argh this was starting to get annoying. I made it on the second train and had to stand hunched over right next to the door. For those that have never seen the London Underground during rush hour, picture a sardine can where you can’t move until the doors open and some gets off. Really it is interesting. I survived the commute thanks to iPod (the best investment EVER). Finally got to work around 09.15, an hour and twenty minutes AFTER I left my house.

Once at work, I had to unlock everything as I was the first person here. I got settled in and proceeded to finish up the newsletter I was working on for the customer service center before working more on contest entry data. Next, Heidi gave me my next project for the Super Bowl coverage which I will be working on more tomorrow and next week. Other than those, not much else today. Our internet issue should be fixed on Monday so no more sharing addresses and what not. YAY!

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