Jan 16 2004

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It’s Friday!

Friday continues to be a busy day for me here at NASN. I worked more on the Super Bowl XXXVIII party plans by calling down the list of sports bars and pubs that we have. The goal is to find out which ones are offering a party and arrange to get some of our information at the parties by asking them to display flyers or allow us to offer prizes for a drawing. Got a hold of a few but most were either leave a message or call them back next week. This has been the bulk of my work today. I also joined Graham in attempting to fix the television reception in the conference room but a new cable might be the best bet.

Also, today should be the last day of the internet address shortage. BT should be here early Monday to set us up with more addresses to use. We shall see if such a thing happens judging from the delays they have left NASN in the past. Now, it’s the weekend and I’m out of the office soon. Peace.

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