Jan 08 2004

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London Update 08 January

Hello once again from wet and cold London. Today it rained most of the day which made the commutes very icky if you ask me. It was the light rain that when the wind blows, it stings. Not fun at all. Day 2 at NASN went well. I did a lot of data entry which wasn’t as fun but I did get to write an original script for a radio program. My cousin Chris and his friend met me at work this evening and we went out for dinner in Leicester Square before I showed them where the Eckerd College Study Centre was. It was nice to see someone I knew other than the ‘Eckerd Bubble’. Not much else new to report. I have gotten in to a routine of communiting in the evenings and mornings now with the rest of the Londers and I think I’m a pro at it.

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