Jan 12 2004

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London Update 12 January

Today I am back at the office of NASN while Peter and Pam settle back in at Badminton Mews. Really chilling and wet today. The wind is very gusty and the rain is heavy. I’m getting settled in to a routine of waking up at 7.15 followed by getting a shower and getting ready for the day and breakfast before I head out for my commute at about 8.15. I walk a block or two from Peter and Pam’s to the bus stop where I then catch a bus (69 or 474) to Canning Town station where I get on the Jubilee Line for the London Underground. I stay on the Jubilee Line until I arrive at Green Park where I then have a long hike across the station to the Picadilly Line and then proceed eastbound to Picadilly Circus. From there, it is a 2 block walk to my office. This whole commute takes roughly 35 to 40 minutes depending on the day. Once at the office, I usually get settled in and work for the day answering phones or typing releases/scripts. Then around 17.30, I reverse the trek and head back to the Docklands arriving home around 18.30. From there, it is a light dinner and then I usually settle in for a little television before calling it a night. So there is a my daily routine roughly. Not much exciting and new to report and the London updates may start to dwindle until something significant happens.

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