Jan 18 2004

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London Update – 17 & 18 January

Well, a little less than a fortnight left here in London which is both suprising and encouraging at the same time. I have been very busy with my internship but the tasks are getting repetative and what not. This weekend I did what I wanted and just relaxed. I saw some of my Eckerd College friends after work on Friday and even had a little longer stay there than I wanted due to some drunk guy trying to get in to the house. Two quick calls to 999 solved the issue and I was finally able to head home. Yesterday I just cruised around on my own by Picadilly Circus, the British Museum and the Eckerd College house before calling it a night. Today I slept in again and have just been reading and hanging out around home. It’s nice not to have anything that holds you down and that you can just relax when you want to. I have work in the morning again and this week will be more calling and finalizing things for the Super Bowl I’m sure. That’s all for now foks!

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