Jan 26 2004

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London Update 26 January

The days are ticking away until I head back to MN. This past weekend, I spent it relaxing and being a tourist. I met up with some friends at the Eckerd College Study Centre on Friday evening after work and had a nice American dinner, Pizza Hut. It was nice to have something familiar (and cheap as well). Saturday I selpt in a bit and then trekked over to the west end to Eckerd once again where a group of us set out for Greenwich and the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observetory, where the prime meridian is located. That was a fun filled day of hiking and museum gonig before we parted ways at Waterloo station. I went home to the Docklands and proceded to make myself some dinner and do a load of laundry.

Sunday, I simply relaxed and slept in. After waking up, I just watch Hollyoaks and read my textbook for class and started sorting out my thoughts for my final paper. Today I am at work which will be my second to last full day. Intersting thought that I have been here almost a month and it has just flowen by. Anyways, I’m off to head back to my projects and then home in a bit.

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