Jan 28 2004

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The End

Today was my last day at the NASN London office. I started work this morning doing my usual routine of returning e-mails and sorting out what is left to do on the Super Bowl and NHL competitions we are running. I completed two of the prize packs for the Super Bowl out of ten and got them posted. I then typed up a summary of what was left to do for the competitions so that another person can finish them later this week.

I was then taken out to lunch by Heidi and was joined by Alan and Graham at the Sports Cafe in London. Food was so so but, it was fun and enjoyable none the less. As an extra thank you, I recieved a NASN fleece, t-shirt, and NASCAR Game Cube game. More than I expected and I was more than greatful for them.

This has been a great experience and I would love to work for NASN again. Thank you.

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