Jan 19 2004

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The Network is DOWN

Today was one that made me live up to my name as the tech guy. This morning BT Openworld was supposed to upgrade our internet service and reprogram the router. Well during the automatic upgrade, it crapped out and we were left with out internet until 16.00 today. I had to constantly call and pester them to get it done today otherwise, they were quoting that it would be done in the next 48 hours. Not acceptable if you ask me. I took the down time as a chance to switch over the computers and printers to the new addresses so they were ready when we came back online. We all shared the fax line in the meantime for dial access until then.

While I wasn’t on the phone with BT Openworld, I worked on more data entry of contest entries. The network issues are what really consumed my day though. Tomorrow should be quieter I hope.

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