Feb 29 2004

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And the winner is….

Well, it is sunday night and we are watching the Oscar’s on TV. This weekend has been one mixed with studying and just being a college student. Yesterday Pete and I went up to International Plaza and checked out the new iPod minis and I also got an update on my T-Mobile applicaiton. The iPod mini is a cool looking device but in my opinion, you might as well spend the extra $50 to get 15 GB full size iPod instead of the small 4GB that the mini has.

As for last night, well as the temperature dropped to around 45ºF outside, yes we are still in Florida, our school put on pool party at the Eckerd College pool. I think 4 or 5 people actually got in but, it had FREE and cheep beer. I can’t complain. Turn out was a little light and I’m sure it could have been abig event had the weather been better and it had mroe than just food, beer, and music.

Today I worked on homework and got some jobs done around the dorm. I FINALLY got around to swaping out my car battery and then went to the Library to watch Koyaanisqatsi by Godfrey Reggio. Interesting movie and I would recomend it be seen by anyone. Now as Lord of the Rings continues to clean house on the Oscar’s, I am reading for Ecotheology and Ethical Issues in Human Developement. Well, Time to get back to the Academy and reading. Have a good start to the week.

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