Feb 08 2004

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Two Magical Days in a week!

Well, I intended to post my update last night but I was just too darn knackered by the time I got home. Clare, Ian, Laurel and myself went up to Disney World yesterday for a three-park marathon day. Started out at Disney Studios and then went to Magic Kingdom where we played in the parade and saw Andrew’s and my friend Norm who was “friends” with a broom yesterday. After a few rides, it was off to Epcot and Mission: SPACE and Test Track where we again met up with another friend of Andrew’s and mine, JK. JK is a coordinator at both SPACE and Test Track. It was a fun time. We managed to hit Downtown Disney for some last minute shopping too before heading back to St. Petersburg.

Today I am just doing some reading for class and relaxing. I have to go pick up Andrew from the airport later tonight and then tomorrow I call T-Mobile about a possible job interview. Man is it nice to be back in Florida and on the way towards graduation in May.

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