Mar 18 2004

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A Little Magic

Well, since I am going crazy with cabin fever having been working my but off the last few weeks and having the slight taste of a break this bast weekend when I went to Naples to see family, Andrew and I went up to Walt Disney World for the afternoon/evening yesterday. All I can say is these tips,

  1. Avoid Disney during spring break time
  2. If you must visit at spring break time, don’t complain about the lines (170+ minutes for Test Track)
  3. Enjoy all several thousand of your new friends you will meet while waiting

That said, we still had a great time since we met up with friends working there and just enjoyed being away from the Eckerd Bubble. We ended the evening at the Magic Kingdom for Wishes, the new fireworks show that started in November. This is a great show and it is up there in my mind with Illuminations at Epcot which is still one of my favorite. Man I can’t wait to work there! Just have to ride it out till 24 May I guess.

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