Mar 24 2004

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Well last night was fun. Perhaps a little too much fun. Anna picked me up around 21.30 and we were off to Keegan’s. We picked up Peter on the way and then arrived shortly after 22.00. Met with Dan from MTV Road Rules and then a few more friends of Anna’s from HHS joined us. Guinness was $3 per pint so that rocked! We spent a few more hours at Keegan’s before making our way across the river to St. Paul and the Wild Onion for a little dancing. I don’ t dance much but it was still fun. Didn’t make it home till almost 03.00 this morning. Got a little bit of sleep before getting up to go to work this morning.

This afternoon I was at MCES all day folding and labeling mailings for summer classes. Oh the joy of labeling 4,000 plus pieces of mail! Either way though, it is money. Just relaxing tonight and hoping to catch the OC. Peace out for now.

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