Apr 04 2004

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Who Wants To Be a Millionaire

Well, I just just got back in to Tampa after a great weekend at Walt Disney World. Since I last posted prior to going out to the movie on Friday, I will start there. We left the hotel and headed to Down Town Disney (DTD) to meet up with most of the cast from the Home on the Range Pre-Parade from Magic Kingdom. The movie was lame. As Norm puts it, the beginning and the end were great but the middle was awful. I think what made it funny was being with all the cast that sung and knew most of the lines from the parade.

Saturday, Andrew and I slept in a bit and then headed over to Animal Kingdom (DAK). At DAK, we did a few things that I had never done before including the Legend of the Lion King, Tarzan Rocks and It’s Tough to be a Bug. The Lion King show is amazing. Go check it out if you are ever at DAK. Also checked up on the new construction of Expedition Everest set to open in 2006. WDW will finally have a Matterhorn like Disneyland just a bigger mountain 😛 Norm met us over at DAK and then we went back to the hotel to relax a bit before heading to Epcot for dinner and Illuminations where we met up with a friend of Norm’s, Mike. From Epcot we just went and hung out in DTD for a bit before returning to the All-Star Music.

Today, we continued the trend of sleeping in and headed to Disney Studios for the day. While at Studios, we did Who Wants to be a Millionaire Play It and yours truly made it in to the hot seat. This was great not only because it is the the hot seat but it is also my last chance to do so since I will be a cast member the next time I go up. I made it to the 32,000 point level but blew the question so I just got the 1,000 point prizes. Still not a bad dig though. Other than that, we just walked around and actually ran in to Andrew’s neighbors from PA just out of the blue. Norm met us and spent the afternoon with us after he got out of work over at MK.

Well, It is now time to get back to the real world and finish unpacking and starting homework for tomorrow. Naples on Thursday so these last 48 days of school go by and 50 days till I am a WDW cast member.

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