May 21 2004

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Calm before the Storm

Well, today I got in from work at 03:30 this morning. I took some overtime shifts this week to make up some extra cash for when I am working at Walt Disney. Last night happened to be the graduation party for St. Pete High. It was a fun time and brought back many fond memories of my graduation party at Camp Snoopy almost 4 years ago.

Just relaxing this morning until mom, dad, grandma and grandpa arrive from Minnesota and all the craziness of the weekend begins. Tonight is Baccalaureate followed by a BBQ/Cook-Out. Then tomorrow morning at 08:30, the procession will start and I will be on my way to the big airplane hanger tent that is in the middle of the soccer filed to receive my Bachelor of Arts degree. Exciting eh?

So while I wait for the family to arrive (less Tim of course), I am reading the Coronation Street updates from England and putting some more things in bags and boxes so i can load my car tomorrow before heading to Disney World on Sunday.

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