May 13 2004

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Eckerd Giver

Well, yesterday was the Senior Awards ceremony here at Eckerd College. I had a quick turn around after work and working out and then headed over to Fox Hall as requested in the memo I received from the Dean of Students and then walked out of the ceremony with the Eckerd Giver Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service to the campus and community. For those that are not aware, I have been very active on campus and have spearheaded programs such as the Lifeguard Training Program I completed a few weeks ago and the American Red Cross Club of Eckerd College. I have also been the donor chair for Florida Blood Services and have been responsible for the 4 blood drives each year here at Eckerd College for the last three years. It is an honor that I am glad to have received. I was accompanied by about 12 other students who have made similar contributions to the community with all 12 being recognized at the awards.

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