May 09 2004

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Weekend Update

So as of today, I have exactly two weeks until I move to Orlando and one day shy of two weeks till graduation. Only a few papers and projects stand in my way now! Today I am finishing up my ethics paper and was working on my car. Mike from work was nice enough to offer to help me take care of a rust spot that was growing just above my rear tire on the passenger side of my 11 year old Accord. Ended up cleaning it out and then placing some fiber glass down to fill in the hole itself.

Let me see what else is new. Friday night, the band Something Corporate. This band is a nice blend of alternative and punk. I have imported their CD in to iTunes thanks to Chris and have to say, it really is one of those CDs where you can listen to every track on it. So yea the concert was fun and gave me something to do after a long week. Last night was pretty dull with the exception of the Bullshit Ballet that is sort of a tradition at Eckerd. The Bullshit Ballet basically is a way for the students to joke about things on campus with the exception being that the ones performing are usually doing so after a few beers. Not as great as two years ago but at least something to do.

Well, it is time to get back to that paper. Feel free to comment on any pictures in my mobile sites or on any entry on this site.

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