Jun 09 2004

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Busy Week

Well, this week I am off on Saturday and Sunday but, I decided to sign up for some extra hours at Mission Space again this coming Sunday. It is hard to believe that I have already been working for two weeks so far. It seems like only yesterday that I started. Now I am seeing new college program and seasonal people coming in with their “earning my ears” tags on and I feel just like an old timer. For those that haven’t read my updated About Webby section, I work at the Emporium Complex on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Tonight is E-Ride night which is a special that resort guests can take advantage of. They pay an extra $12 and then get a wrist band that allwos them to stay in the park 3 additional hours to ride the rides. For those that are wondering why it is called E-Ride night, well, the idea of an E-Ride dates back to the start of Walt Disney World in 1971 when you had a ticket book and each ride was wroth a certain ticket. The smaller rides like Dumbo and Peter Pan might be worth say an A-Ticket but the bigger rides such as Sapce Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad were worth an E-Ticket which you only got a limited number. The first women astronaut Sally Ride even refrenced the idea of an E-Ride in an interview about gong ot space. Her exact quote was something along the lines of “That was just as good as any E-Ride attraction.”

Not much else new to report. I am just enjoying being here and meeting new people. Part of my enjoyment is seeing the magic that I create have an effect on the guests. I know that their experience and vacation can have jsut that extra touch of magic thanks to me.

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