Jun 17 2004

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First Day of Class

So yea, I know I just graduated from college but, I am still taking classes while here at Walt Disney World to expand my knowlege and learn valuable skills from a unique company. I have the resources open to me, I might as well use them. So that being said, today was the first day of Organizational Leadership from the Walt Disney World College Program.

The course description is:
Knowledge of leadership theory and how to apply it is critical for today’s leaders. Participants of this course will examine and apply the classical models of leadership in preparation of their application in today’s corporate environment. Throughout the course, you will examine various aspects of leadership and reexamine the results of your own leadership style.

The teacher is great and I am really excited about the class. Our teacher is a former Colonal in the Air Force and used to work in the Pentagon and for the President in Public Relations. It is also going ot be fun becuase my roommate Tré and my friend Lex are in the class as well. It will be work but fun work that connects to my work location and career goals.

Now, off to the Magic Kingdom for a shift at the Emporium.

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