Jun 06 2004

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New Roommate and a Day Off

So today we got a new person to replace the one roommate that moved in to a one-bedroom apartment here in Chatham Square. The new roommate is named Mathew and he hails from Colorado. As part of getting a new roommate, Price Management, the company that maintains the apartments for Disney, has sent a cleaning crew over and they are now turning our apartment upside down and cleaning it all. Well, I guess I have one less thing to do now. Work on Main Street USA has been a lot of work but at the same time rewarding. I have helped a lot of guests with not only merchandise but locating things to do, characters to meet and help them have a more enjoyable vacation. While I am technically off today but I am picking up some extra hours at Epcot at Mission: Space, one of the best rides ever in my mind. Well, off to Epcot.

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