Jun 20 2004

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Would you like a Squeeze-Breeze?

So this morning I picked up a shift from EHH at Mission Space again. It was a short four hour one but the four hour shift included two new skills to add to my tool kit. 1) How to open a register and get the cash and 2) How to sell Squeeze-Breeze outside with no register. What is a Squeeze-Breeze you ask? It is a spray bottle with a fan that costs $17. Yep $17 and you too can spray yourself with water to cool down. So I now have two new skills I can use in the future. Also, for those don’t know, the Mission Space costume is simlar to a NASA flight suit so standing outside in the Florida heat for any amount of time is not so pleasent and I can’t evenuse the dang bottles we are selling to cool down. Oh well, it was only for an hour. I’m just glad that we don’t have an outdoors location on Main Street USA. Now that would be hot in those costumes.

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