Jul 12 2004

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Back to Work I go

Well, today I head back to work after a nice relaxing day off yesterday. I got the chance to sleep in and then met up with Andrew who was visiting from Hilton Head and Clare and Anne who were also off yesterday at the Magic Kingdom. Killed some time there before we seperated and went to get my haircut on Main Street USA again and then went home before the rain got too bad. Relaxed at home for a bit and thenw ent to visit Jonnie at Epcot and pick up a few DVDs at Downtown Disney before they went back in to the vault for 10 more years. Jonnie and I were going to get together after he got off work but he needed the extra sleep so I just made plans to hang out with Clare and Anne some more. Overall, it was a nice relaxing day.

Now I am just relaxing before I head in to work tonight at 18:00. I work E-Ride and then I am stocking so that means I am out at 03:00, yes folks that is 3am in the morning! So hope all of you have a good night sleep while I am working.

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