Jul 08 2004

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Finally a Day Off

Today was my first day off since the crazy holiday weekend. What did I do? I slept in of course and then Jonnie and I headed out for an afternoon at Typhoon Lagoon, or so we thought. Severe thunderstorms and a park evac before we got there changed that plan. Ended up chilling at Jonnie’s for a bit with his roommates and then we hit the American Adventure at Epcot. We then got to see ASIMO from Honda. ASIMO is visiting Epcot till Sunday and is the most advanced humanoid robot int he world. He can even walk up stairs and mimic human movement incluing dancing with John Travolta playing in avideo of Saturday Night Fever!

I’m off again tomorrow so Jonnie and I are getting up atthe crack of dawn to check out the Cast Connection and Property Control sale going on at the Magic Kingdom Cast Lot to see what sort of deals we can get on overstock and other items. Then, Matt, one of my roommates and I are going shopping for stuff to fix up the apratment now that our trouble roommate is gone. That’s really it for now. More updates to come as I have time.

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