Jul 08 2004

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Good Deals & Extreme Home Makeover

So this morning I didn’t sleep in. Jonnie and I got up at the crack of dawn to head to the Cast Connection/Property Control sale where the company sells off overstock and damaged items. The sale itself was for overstocked items. I picked up about $120 worth of merchandise for only $25. Not too shabby. I got a nice $70 blanket/throw for only $15 along with some nice posters. After the sale, Jonnie and I went in to the Magic Kingdom and did a few rides and check out the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea construction (see My Mobile Album for pictures) before heading back to Chatham Square. Where we went our seperate ways and I met up with my suitemate Matt and hit the pool for a few hours. Wow, you don’t realize how nice it is until it hits 115ºF on the heat index!

After our cool down, Matt and I went off to Target and the Mall at Millenia to get some nice new stuff for our apartment now that our problem roommate is relocated. We have cleaned up the place fianlly and now have put out the nicer posters and items we had been hidding from the roommate and we now feel like a home rather than a dorm room that is the same as all the rest.

Tonight Matt and I are heading to Downtown Disney and to Pleasure Island for Cast Night. I have to work tomorrow but the good thing is it isn’t until 19:30 but the bad part is that I am not out until 03:00 in the morning. Oh well, it is just the joys of working E-Ride night at the Magic Kingdom. Now back to the extreme home makeover!

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