Sep 06 2004

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Frances Has Left the Building

Well, I was finally back to work today after two days being locked in my Apartment while Frances decided to visit the Orlando Area. We are lucky in the fact that we didn’t get too much damage. We had some minor leaks in our apartment but other than that we survived. I was actually so happy to drive to work today as I was so bored from being stuck inside the last few days. I can only watch so many DVDs, play so many games, and make so many phone calls. This will be a short work week for me this week since I lost Sunday and will be going home on Thursday so every little bit will count.

The park was absolutely dead today. I mean, I am talking 5 minutes or less wait on every ride including Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear! Oh well, I guess we will live despite a little bit of boredom at work. After work tonight though I met up with my friend Paul from Hopkins who is now working at the Haunted Mansion and we got some dinner before we parted our separate ways again for the evening. Right now though, I am waiting for some people from work to call me back when they get out of work and then Brandon should be over to pick up his stuff from the weekend since he spent the weekend here instead of at his place. That’s all for now folks.

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