Sep 04 2004

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Frances Update

Well, our unexpected visitor is fast (or slowly rather) approaching her arrival. I am now riding the storm out in my Disney apartment. I was originally going to go to a friends house but it is advised that we stay in our company housing as it will have power, phone and water due to the Disney network. My coworker Brandon has moved in to my place for the next two nights as all his roommates are either on ride-out crews at work or out of town. The outer rings of the hurricane are expected to begin hitting us at 10 AM Saturday and will continue till Sunday at 10 AM. The Walt Disney World Resort is closed on Saturday and possibly Sunday as well. I am now off to finish packing up some photos and valuables so I can at least keep them away from the windows just in case. So until the next time I can post, I am going to be weathering 80+ MPH winds. Batten down the hatches!

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