Sep 13 2004

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Whrilwind Trip Home

Well, I had a great weekend back home in Minnesota. I left Orlando on Thursday afternoon and arrived to Minneapolis shortly after seven in the evening. Mom and Dad picked me up from the airport and then we went to visit IKEA and then out to dinner at the Gold Nugget, a local burger place in Glen Lake. Ok as far as IKEA goes, this place ROCKS! I have been looking at some desks for my apartment for my laptop in the catalog and it was nice to finally get to see them in person. I will definitely be placing an order with them soon for one. Don’t know how else really to describe the place. It’s just a cool place to go shopping.

Friday I used to visit with former coworkers and teachers at Hopkins High School. First I went over to the district office to visit Pete who moved from the high school to a district position and he gave me a tour of the new district server room complete with the two XServes and XRaids that power the district. For those non-technology people, these are Apple’s cool new servers that are top of the line. I then went over to the high school to visit staff there and check out the new construction. Wow, this place has changed so much since I was there 5 years ago. The new addition makes the entrance and food court look like the airport! It is a change but it will be nice once it is done. After visiting with teachers, it was off to dinner with the Swanson side of the family and then back home to watch the Sward in the Stone with Dad for old times sake.

Saturday was my day reserved for hanging out with friends. I met up with Scott and then we went to a bar/grill in Uptown called The Independent. Anna and her boyfriend as well as Sam met up with us there and it was just a fun night of hanging out, chatting and enjoying the company of old friends. Sunday was just a nice relaxing day at home and then meeting up with the Webster side of the family for dinner. And that brings me to today.

This morning I had a chance to sleep in again and then I had to head up to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and then I met up with Scott for lunch before returning home to finish packing and enjoying time with Camper before leaving again. Got to the airport early and found out that the flight I am on to go back to Orlando has a grand total of 35 people on it. Not too busy do to Ivan I guess. JK should be picking me up once I land so we will have to see.

In closing though, it was a nice break from the routine to visit home but at the same time, I am happy to be back where the magic lives. Have a good one.

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