Oct 15 2004

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Fall Has Come

Well, the temperature is finally dropping. As I type this entry, the temperature outside is roughly 64ºF. For Florida, that is the time to pull out the sweatshirt and pants. Work today was a nut-house as well. We had the usual after parade rush at 3:30 when Share a Dream Come True passed but the rush never stopped! I am so glad I was out of there at 7:30 tonight. Now I am just relaxing at home till a few friends get off of work and call me watching the new ABC Fall TGIF lineup. I have to say, I love the new show Complete Savages. Reminds me somewhat of Home Improvement, another classic ABC sitcom. Looks like ABC (read Disney) has finally started to do well again. Well, back to TGIF and e-mails.

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